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Liberalism who kills freedoms! This slogan isn't it exaggerated? We use it because explanations given by the leaders of our systems of economic capacity, political and social to reassure the public opinions also exploit the words in a way even more misleading and manipulator. The word liberalism is used to evoke in a subjacent way freedom, in particular the freedom of the trade and industry to sell and bear everywhere in the world as well as possible interest of the leaders of the commercial economy. This freedom would be so impossible to circumvent that liberalism would be the best solution to organize an economic system of capacity especially than the universalization of the economy became an irreversible asset. So capitalism would be also and in spite of the current financial crisis, always the best conceivable economic system. And another solution should not especially be sought elsewhere: it would not exist! This stage, these doctrines is already who kills freedoms: it seeks to eliminate another choice, to remove the hope of an alternative. Freedom rests on the possibility of a choice, when this choice is prohibited or removed, freedom is removed and the word who kills freedoms is adapted, just.

 Confusion is maintained between the concepts of capitalism, liberalism, freedom of the trade and industry, of economic growth developed by the increase in the multilateral exchanges. This confusion is organized by our leaders and it is relayed by the media with their balance to defend the capitalist system and to preserve their places. Now that the analysis of the causes of the crisis is allowed by all and even if the consequences of this crisis, the form and the duration that it will have are not known, the paramount question become crucial today is to know if the leaders which were with the capacity and knew, did not want or could avoid this major crisis, are able to change their state of mind, to give up the doctrines neolibérale and its methods of autocratic management to develop a new manner of organizing the company in which the place of the money and finance would be put on a secondary level and the place human being would be in the middle of the organization our companies. In the event of negative answer, the immediate replacement of these leaders is essential. It is the case seems it in the United States and the crisis is a serious explanation of the renewal of the brains trusts by the arrival at the White House of the first president of black ethnic origin. The hopes are multiple and this election with the symbolic system result marks certainly the crowning of the process of abolition of the slavery of the blacks but this president can also deal with continuation of the abolition of the reign of the most unverifiable finance, of the most wild capitalism and car destructor of richnesses? The case of France is then all the more worrying the opposition to progress of the leading practices so much is secular, so much the monarchical operation of the institutions is present, so much paternalism since more than one century condemns us to have the worst social relations of the industrialized countries.

 The financial crisis of autumn 2008 was revealed a little more through the Madoff swindle. Whereas the populations fear worst, that the banks restrict the appropriations, the leaders of our system of being able try to make us believe that we are able to overcome this crisis, while working more and by making sacrifices to give up the acquired advantages of our social systems and our social protection, by reducing our public services considerably. This money saved on our social “comfort” and which should not be taken any more on the results of the companies, must make it possible these last to invest more and thus in the long term to create new jobs. In short it would be only one bad moment to pass! The argument is simplistic: admittedly capitalism always nourished crises but each time it succeeded in surmounting them and the total growth over a long period was always favorable. Thus there is not better than capitalism. We here will show the end of this cycle of capitalism, the end of this system of economic capacity because of the errors, the incompetence and the unwillingness of the current leaders of the system.

 To take account of the financial crisis, our leaders accept however a criticism: the freedom of the markets is not inevitably any more the course to be held. Protectionism can become again a solution in the event of crisis: the nationalization of the financial institutions of which the bankruptcy threatens the system is the first parade to avoid the catastrophe. The allowed error by our leaders, was liberalization with forced march of the money market and the consequence was a total absence of control on these movements of capital. The setting under control of the financial markets would be thus the solution to prevent that this crisis is not renewed. It is the mission which give each other the political leaders: to play the head of household which sermonizes and reprimand the son or ungrateful girl whose unwise behavior threatens the reputation of the family. It is an occasion to regild the blazon of the political community which up to now was to acknowledg its impotence in front of the operations of the economic and financial leaders. Moreover, this step of handing-over to the step of finance and the economy by the politicians is only one logical continuation of the tendency to néo protectionism: to avoid the commercial aggressiveness of certain countries and the practices of dumping, it is enough to reinforce the safety measures on the products, measurements on the health protection and plant health of the plants, to make it possible to increase the taxation of the products imported with prices corresponding to a dumping. (see agreements OTC and SPS taken by OMC in 1995). The political leaders always had to protect the interests from their consumers and the companies of their countries. This crisis reinforces the importance of this concern with respect to the voters.

 The heart of the doctrines of the capitalist system rests on a continuous increase in exchanges: it is necessary to sell always more! Even if it means to forsake certain partners to protect the ideal couple on which the success of the growth of a country rests: a stronger increase in the GDP connected to more domestic demand, of internal consumption because this represents the principal proof that the system functions with its optimum and that thus the citizens will be satisfied with this system, that the republican pact to speak about France is always upright and that thus the political leaders of our system of being able can sleep quiet being to ensure of the perenniality of their politicking careers and the docility of the population. In this major crisis of the capitalist economic system, we are very far from this ideal situation! We will further see the political community is in the middle of the crisis and that it remains one of the principal persons in charge for this situation. The current operations to true on the one hand responsibility do not have anything diplomatic but represent a hypocrisy moreover, one mark of additional cynicism which brings the proof that these men and these women will not change doctrines, ideas, attitudes and behaviors and that this resistance to change, once more, is likely to cause a national insurrection in France, country where since 1789, by the will of the political leaders since 1789, no constitution could installation and no evolution in the political régime could take place without living military wars as a preliminary, civil wars or major political disturbances. We remained about it with this republican habit and, to pass through this crisis, it is a frightening major handicap! The United States is quite responsible for the crisis economic and financial but they have just changed in a radical way their President and this country wants to believe that there are the beginning again and powerful hope of change in the operation of our companies. For us, this change passes ineluctably by the abandonment of the capitalist economic system and the development of the organizations in networks gathered in confederations whose limits were freed from current national spaces. The readers of know it.

 To preserve capitalism, its defenders would be thus ready to give up so much is little the liberal dimension of this economic system. Capitalism would be always the best economic system, it would not regularly destroy the richnesses which it created and it would not destroy all the obstacles which would block the domination without division of the richest owners of the means of production. It is the liberalism which would be destroying and who kills freedoms while spreading too quickly and brutally the law of the strongest economically in countries badly prepared to receive such a shock. This liberal economic law destroys social protection, the public services of the states, the freedom to the work which passes by the protection of the employees, the right to housing, the right to the respect of dignity of the human life under pretext that the privatization of the economic activities and social would be more profitable for the whole of the economic agents, that they would have the possibility of spending less and that they must have the choice between several levels of satisfaction of their needs. In short how they would be much freer! It would be an obviousness but it would be a question of advancing less quickly, more prudently, time that all include/understand and agree to take part in this play there! It is not a question there of a reverse gear, simply of a pause before setting out again of more beautiful towards the maximization of the profits since there cannot be of another legitimate goal in an economic system which rests on the freedom of each agent of this system. It is necessary to re-examine the school syllabus so that the children know economic realities better and understand that there are not other solutions. It is necessary that the citizens agree with new to make sacrifices and efforts because a rigid public social protection system is incompatible with the economic evolutions and the variations of the growth. It is better for the state externaliser this public utility and privatiser social protection and that each citizen takes his responsabilities freely. We are there and for the militants of the system of current capacity, it is finally necessary to jump this step. Only the escape ahead in the privatization and the liberalization of the public services will bring the solution to leave this crisis. Certain numbers of political leaders, by prudence or clearness, and it does not matter their political camp, take care well to refuse to jump in this direction. The fact of being able any more to be unaware of that liberalism has nothing to do with the universalization of the exchanges but which it is only the bulldozer which shaves the walls and the ditches for better making it possible capitalism to invest the place and to dominate the operation of the economic system, is likely to frighten most septic on the real capacities of capitalism to eliminate contradictions on which he rests.

 A short recall: the development of industry, the use at economic ends of progress of technologies of production posed two realities:

 Consequently after 1830 and this massacre of the silk workers in Lyon then the failure of the revolution of 1848, so that the capitalist system can develop and consolidate its legitimacy in the middle of the institutions, it was necessary to build capitalist doctrines, a body of thought coherent able to be taught to subject the citizens to this economic summary reasoning which had the immense advantage of making possible on the political level the unbounded enrichment of the owners of the means of production.

addition of the 24/03/2009

The origins of capitalism remain a discussed subject: For Fernand Braudel, they are the large merchants of the Middle Ages which started by engaging important money sums in projects. But these families, Fugger, Jacques Heart, Necker… did not want of competition: they sought to cut commercial empires resting on a right of exclusiveness in the exchanges. Polanyi also estimates that the great international trade precedes the national trade. The report is right and false at the same time very incomplete bus: the archeologists and the biologists since 1992, in Ulm, showed that the Egyptian mummies, 3.000 years before J-c, contain coke and silk. The coke which forever succeeded in cultivating itself naturally apart from the Andes, arrived to Egypt by the sea route of the Pacific, nearest to the North Pole because shortest, then by the road of the caravans of China to the Mediterranean. We know that the race with spices of the Indies used the financial mechanism of the protective sacking to gather important capital but this race with the maritime discoveries took place after the destruction of the order knight of the Temple which protected the organization in network from the free cities and the abbeys of the orders Benedictines. The fleet about the Temple crossed the Atlantic while following the road of the Vikings and certainly as the road of the trade winds as Christophe Colomb opened again after the prohibition posed by the popes to defend the dogmas of the Roman catholic church, dogmas contradicted by the culture of the Andes and Tiahuanaco, megalithic city in which a group of knights templiers took refuge after the destruction of their kind to reinforce the colony of the former Vikings and the templiers which had been established in this area of the Andes for several centuries. This group combined to the local people undertook to develop the INCA empire which was destroyed on the order of the pope of Rome by the Spanish conquistadores. The political, economic and social company of the organization in network of Templiers had nothing to do with capitalism, it was all the opposite and ensured a distribution of the richnesses under the control surface of leaders who had made wish of poverty. As long as the interdicts and the taboos which occult this fundamental part of the Western history will not be eliminated and the current leaders who maintain in force these taboos will not be isolated public life, capitalism could not be eliminated radically from our Western culture and the imposture of our economic system conceived and developed for the profits of richest will be maintained after a fashion. We are in the middle of the matter developed on our site

Keynes and Schumpeter rather define capitalism starting from the driving role of the industrial contractor who sets up and develops new technologies in his factories. Industrial capitalism rests on the massive use of energy and the arrival of a labor proletarianized in a system of production where the workman is only the human arm which come to supplement the work of the machine and nothing more. Capitalism is not a new form of the eternal history of the exchanges and trade, it is a very new system of production of richnesses which develops starting from the factories. It is the technology which modifies the culture and the political system, economic and social. This technology cannot enrich in such an exaggerated way individual sole owner of the means of production without new doctrines whose matter founder is simple: it should be justified that the right of personal property has the capacity to monopolize what is the result of a common work and has the capacity to prohibit any reference to a common property of the actors of the company or to a collective ownership of the state. (end of the addition of the 24/03/09: ideas and reference drawn from the manual Anti book of economy, the 2 cicadas, p 43, of Bernard Maris, Bréal Editions, 2006, with our own comments).

 In these doctrines, we find the theories economic, principles of management, use of mathematics to model manners of reaching the optimum in the operation of the system, services the rendered by science to satisfy the wills of enrichment of the leaders of the system or their destroying madness at the time of the wars and the world wars. Hannah Arendt showed how we arrived at the economic horror. The experiment of Milgram explains how million people can be put in state agentic by the leaders of a system of being able and how this conformism becomes the tender with the most cynical and criminal orders. Finally Pierre Legendre asked the poets to have the courage of cowardice to study industry and to come to slice this node of fables. These fables, these ideals, these myths and these Utopias assign us with residence within the limits of this system of being able which precisely deprives the human being of its reasons of living and of its freedom to take a step so finding them and following its human condition in the respect of the dignity attached to the life and to its mysteries. The readers of included/understood it: we had the courage of cowardice and we studied industry! . and we are always poet.

We do not need to in detail take again here the construction of these doctrines which divert the economy with the service of the interests of the leaders of the capitalist and liberal system, we wrote it on other Web pages of this site. These doctrines are hollow and does not resist the fact proof. Liberalism is not the virtuous face of capitalism under pretext which the word liberalism is in phonetic assonance with the word freedom: the freedom of the trade and industry becomes liberal when a company claims and obtains the right to produce or sell in other countries to optimize its profits, without the social consequences of the suppression of employment in a country being able to be reproached to him. It is all! In France, this false hope in the freedom of the trade and the industry which in 1945, had traversed the spirits of resistant to the Nazism and the liberators of the country, was destroyed by justice and the famous Brinon stop of May 31, 1956: the capacity of the employer can go until closing his factory and returning the employees. It does not have to deal with their fate and to find a new employment to them! The state will have to be solved to legislate to make compulsory the development of plans social. The situation did not develop since except that they are the funds of investments Anglo-Saxon for the majority, which close the factories for reasons of financial profitability. Liberalism is the commercial window of the system of capitalistic production. We showed it, both make the pair; one does not go without the other even if the development of liberalism were done more than one century after capitalism. Today, the employees included/understood it, we cumulate the misdeeds and the attacks of both and especially of the second! Now that the means of transport and technologies make it possible to exchange on the whole of planet, the will of the leaders of the capitalist system is to benefit from all the world occasions to maximize their profits. The states are then obstacles which should be reduced and it is the company that currently the leaders of the liberal system carry out by destroying rights and hopes among the populations of the Western countries, which is new and incomprehensible for the citizens of these countries especially when they are its elected officials who collaborate also obviously with the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy which directs the neoliberalism. We arrive then at the treason of the political community and the rupture of the republican pact by the politicians at the service of the leaders of the economic system. There is no freedom here except the law relentless of most extremely which destroys the freedom of the others. For the general interest, it is with the invisible hand to act! One grows to dream! For a poet, it is a nightmare to note that million people is still subjected to this kind of plots! … and still does not prefer to read its dreams of humanity, her poetic illuminations on the life according to the death of the carnal body, on the values of peace and love!

 It is high time that the smoke screen which dissimulates this reality with the public opinion dissipates and that all include/understand.

 Capitalism does not have future and it is a system perverted and dangerous because it is unable to surmount its first and limiting last: on output. Technologies are able obviously to produce always more until exhaustion of the resources and the raw materials also obviously. But capitalism does not may find it beneficial any to launch out in this direction bus very quickly, in on output, it any more will not sell or it will sell without to have been able to optimize its profits. Starting from a certain volume of production which exceeds the solvent request, the only solution is to divide the surplus of production free or in exchange of others well and services. These exchanges will be able to take place only by drawing aside the use of the official currencies since these people will not be solvent in official currency. But then why to have sold initially in official currency?

 The second difficulty to avoid it on output, touches the liberalism of full whip: can that which produces a good today, have the right to tomorrow prohibit this production with another country or competitor potential under pretext that this last will exceed the threshold of on capacity and thus will introduce a mortal risk into the economic system? In the absolute, one would need it and the first thinkers and theorists of the liberal economy wrote it: the market must destroy and to eliminate weakest, the least powerful and without any state of heart, with the best cynicism, than they are contractors or countries bus without this destruction, very quickly, the market are in on capacity of offerers. The ideal is the specialization of each country compared to its assets, its comparative advantages, its most abundant resources, its most advanced know-how. The others must give up these markets so that the best carries out the optimum of the profits of productivity and that the unit cost of these production is low possible compared to the desired level of quality. Then all the consumers will benefit from this offer of quality carried out at the weakest cost just and. It is the theory! As all know after having met it an economist so much is not very honest in to have noted his courses or his books or after itself at the time of a lay-off or failure of a governmental economic plan: the theory does not go! It is utopian, i.e. that it could never be carried out completely or sufficiently to draw aside the crises of the system. Reason? We see it being spread in real time on planet and the financial crisis does nothing but accelerate it at a striking down speed: the country which yields its production loses employment and the weaker domestic demand slows down the growth. The employees of these countries then quickly will be in the incapacity to refund their appropriations especially if their national economic system already misused the consumer credits to maintain a standard of living higher than the real capacities this economic system. Let us not overpower the USA! In 1998, to leave the Asian crisis, the USA continued to import massively from Asia, which made it possible to avoid the general collapse of the economy but this crisis was not used as lesson precisely because this lesson, the leaders of Wall Street did not want any! Today the lesson is perfectly known of all and it will be necessary to be held to with it! There is no more possible loophole: the Asian crisis of 1997 is caused by the corruption of the banking structure of the Asian countries which divert part of the investments of the funds of pension and funds of American investments. From where brutal withdrawal of these funds of the countries of South Asia east. These funds have to distribute their saving in Europe but put aside privatizations in France, there were few occasions. In the USA, there was the possibility of investing in the real estate so that all have a house. We saw this relation between the real estate and the medium-term financing of the additional welfare expenditures caused by the lengthening of the lifespan. The failure of this strategy rests on the corruption of Wall Street and the banking structure and of American insurance, on the corruption of the financial system in general which is only used to maximize the new profits of the rich person. It is always a maximum logic of production of profits which overrides the logic of a better distribution. The fabulous amount of the saving world instead of being distributed on thousands of projects of medium-term developments, concentrates on the contrary in speculative bubbles on a particular market or a technology: this behavior moutonnier, this manner of behaving as a herd of sheep is not only any more stupid, it became criminal because it causes these crises with repetition of the financial system. Who will set up this logic of distribution? The readers of know that the organizations in network ensure a much better distribution of the richnesses than the capitalist system.

 The theorists of capitalism and liberalism currently époumonent themselves to recite the last verses of their canticles: the employees of the industry or the tertiary sector which lost their employment certainly will gain less in other remunerative employment but as they will profit from less expensive market products bus coming from countries able to produce at lower cost, one in the other, it is possible that they preserve their purchasing power. This purchasing power will not certainly increase any more, it will drop certainly a little but in a bearable proportion. It is the doctrines “Wal Mart”, of the name of the number one of the world distribution which in made its advertizing slogan: with our less expensive products you preserve your purchasing power… even if we removed our American supplier and thus your employment to prefer a Chinese or Asian supplier to him and if we firmly asked our American supplier to produce in China to be able to reduce his prices of at least 30%!

This strategy of crushing of the prices using massive imports of China explains the financial success of Wal Mart: this distributer which conquered quasi a monopoly can carry out commercial margins up to 80% on a product, i.e. which from one year to another it could multiply by 3 or 4 its margins (300 or 400%). The tedious one in this business, on the one hand it is the cynical will to impose its prices to the suppliers without this troubling about their fates but in that this direction of company applies to the letter the recommendations of Adam Smith and this would not be serious, because on the other hand Wal Mart by its direction in fact of the distribution in the USA, makes increase considerably the imports from China. The balance of the transactions, the trade balance became very strongly adverse. In theory, in front of this situation, a student in economy which wants to obtain its diploma, indicates in his copy that the sanction for a country which sees exaggeratedly to increase the deficit of its trade balance, is the devaluation of the currency. It was the case in France in 1983. Therefore, this situation can carry out the country at the edge of the ruin. The leaders of Wal Mart and all the leaders enthusiast of the liberal doctrines néo have very an other speech known for a long time but which has been carried out for these last years. A state cannot prohibit with a private distributer to be supplied only in the countries at low cost of labor to optimize its profit. To refuse this possibility offered by the opening of China to the commercial economy is unthinkable. If there is a problem for the national accounting of a country and that vis-a-vis this situation, the response of a devaluation of the currency does not have any more any smell, the solution is simple: as it is unthinkable to prohibit in China to open with the market economy, it is seriously necessary to think of eliminating the intervention from the states in this kind of trade. In light the civils servant who calculate the trade balance are not used any more for nothing, it is enough to read in the press people, in the media, which there are always more billionaires throughout the world. All will know that the system functions with wonder! In this history, if an American leader made a coarse error, we know it. When about 1998, Bill Clinton signed with the First secretary of the Chinese Communist Party a commercial pact which made it possible the American products to be freely sold in China, all thought that the American factories would produce for the fabulous market of Chinese consumption! However, ten years ago more still than today, the Chinese consumers do not have money to buy American or Western products! One day, it should be hoped that they will have this purchasing power. In the immediate future and for a long time certainly, China is only the free market of the world production and OMC has in vain évertuer to protest the virtues of the multilateral exchanges. In the Triad, the share the commercial which develops more corresponds to the transnational exchanges, with the delocalization of the production in China and Asia. To protect itself from the known devastations from the neo liberalism, on each continent the exchanges develop will intra zones, the regionalization of the economy. They are not the Chinese leaders who export the poison in the world economic system, they are the American leaders of the greatest world group of distribution. We entered the era of the domination of the distributers which are now able to dictate their law with the producers. and with the states still better than yesterday the producers did it.

This history becomes more serious when the bringing together is made between this strategy of Wal Mart which results in thousands of suppression of employment in the American system of production and the crisis of the subprimes. It is completely comprehensible that the financial ones had not imagined the fast and brutal disappearance of as many employment in the USA in the years 2004 and following. These employees who lost their employment or found a new employment less better paid were put in difficulty to refund their appropriations and their loans on real property. Wal Mart has a big part of responsibility in the disaster for the American economy and the error would be to see only the case of the companies of finance. The example of Wal Mart is the first political, economic and social reality of the setting of the states except circuit. To follow a monetary policy starting from the balance of the trade balance reaches today the roof of ridiculous vis-a-vis this will of the leaders of Wal Mart. The only immediate political answer is the nationalization of Wal Mart (for a dollar and not more, considering the damage that this company already caused! ). The state, in the absence of being able to change the suppliers producing into China, can at least fix a policy of margins commercial able to ensure a real profit of purchasing power for the consumers, which can replace as much government aid to support the request. Wal Mart applies the liberal doctrines neo and we are attending the setting with the variation of the traditional public policies. This liberalism corresponds exactly to the will of world financial oligarchy: to draw aside, remove the intervention of the states to leave course to the world possibilities to maximize the profits without taking account of the immediate social consequences such measurements: people do not have an other choice only that to consume in any case always more! To this end, there is hardly place for a state! To grow rich always more, it is necessary to benefit from the work of always more people (who inevitably any more do not have the statute of paid). Thus in the long term, the rich person need the full employment! In the long term, it there no threat as regards the social aspects! It is simply necessary to be subjected, not to more want to be free to become a dissident compared to the operation of such a system! And if all this is not who kills freedoms! …

If this policy still does not go, the capitalist contractor can ask the state to create new jobs. The receipt for France is known and the militants of the right-wing policy parties diffuses it: France must let leave its weakest productions and stop the public subsidies to maintain them in life. It must create new jobs in tourism, the restoration since the rich person and new rich of the whole world, in particular Chinese and Asian, want to come on our premises to visit our beautiful and charming country and to buy our products of luxury… reserved for richest. For French, it is a question of creating new jobs in the services with the people, mainly bound for reprocessed and of the old people… especially whom we have a life expectancy which is an asset on these new markets. To finance this new employment, the privatization of these markets does not pose any problem in theory: the rate of saving of French is high, too high, by reports/ratios with our neighbors: it is necessary cause to drop it and French must consume more, including Sunday if possible! A few years ago, the students in economy learned that this high level of saving came from the fear of the shortly and little after confidence which place a country in its leaders. This saving also and is especially intended to mark a family responsibility: the parents, at the time of their death, want to transmit, as in the rich person, an inheritance with their children and it is a last proof that the parents made a success of their life and that their children can be proud for it. If this saving is not enough to pay long years in old people's home or to finance the services with the person in the event of dependence, the family must be able to sell the house of the parents in order to pay this expenditure. The delay taken in France in the possibility of home-ownership real is then annoying and the Ministers for housing must lead to the not very expensive construction of house to improve this rate of property. Of course, it is out of question of wanting to make it possible all the citizens to constitute an inheritance higher than these essential economic needs: the best will be able to grow rich and to transmit an inheritance, the others do not have to want to claim this right because they come to distort free plan of the capitalist and liberal system. In light, the development of the middle class during thirty glorious is a perverse effect of the rebuilding after 1945 which in the long term threatens operation of the liberal system and prevents the rich person from reaching the optimum of their profits, which is likely to demoralize those which want to become also rich and are the changing of capitalism. All the surveys indicate it: French knows this music well and do not believe in it any more. Better, they do not want any more desire, but more of the whole to still hear it with their ears, to see it in newspapers, to hear it with radiant smiles of the mouth of leaders of this system of being able. They want that these people keep silent themselves and from there if they do not arrive at saying more intelligent things, will go back from the hope in the hearts!


And for all, it is necessary to show memory, first of all to read the history on the plan of the development of the industrial economy and post industrial.


The first limit of the capitalist system was reached when there was surplus production capacity of production in the industrialized countries. French and politician Jacques Duboin had denounced it as of the years 1920. The industrial capacity at the end of the 1st world war had already become extraordinary. Never such a peak of production developed to manufacture shells and guns, could not be reached for “civil” productions and current consumer goods bus never the consumers, the domestic demand would not need such a volume of production. The economic thinking was built about 1850 whereas the production used much labor and that the phenomenon of the scarcity was universal. In 1920, the situation changed: the machines remove the recourse to an abundant labor and to avoid the price collapse caused by the abundance of the production which it is difficult to limit according to a perfectly known request, it is necessary to destroy harvests, goods in the rich countries whereas people die of hunger in the poor countries. In 1920, the only possibility to increase our outputs was to sell the surplus with the countries in the process of development. I.e. to produce for them by using our capacities to maximize the profits of productivity, in others economies of scale, in our factories rather than to invest in these poor countries which were to follow another model of development, to start by optimizing their food agriculture to be able to nourish their populations and to settle the question of the supply drinking water. But at this stage, in front of the insolvency of these countries to pay the manufactured goods by industry, there was only little solution if not to make them pay with the marginal value the production of our factories and not at the usual selling price. These world subsidies represented an economy, a preventive profit for the industrialized countries which would have been quite real but of very an other nature that in the capitalist system: it was a question of avoiding the costs of new world wars or regional, of avoiding the exodus of the poor countries towards the rich countries with the underground economy and the trade of drug and human beings that these movements involve, the prisons and the over-populated centers of retention, to save the loans of the international organizations generally diverted by the corruption of the local leaders, to also avoid the toughening of the revolt of miseries through conflicts organized by the religious fanatics. In short, this completely reasonable prospect maintained the motivation some pacifist politicians in the years 1920 and 1930 but the crisis of 1929 brought back everyone to the cynicism and the most criminal aspects of the financial speculation. The report is real, sincere and irrefutable. Let us leave side here the solution recommended by Jacques Duboin, it always exists in the economic thinking and we will further see it was not retained. We will see the answer which was installation in the years 1900 to 1945 to eliminate this obviousness from the division of the richnesses, this best distribution of the production claimed by Duboin and Keynes.

 After 1945, the level of development reaches mainly by the earned incomes obtained in the factories, allowed the development of the sector of the services: banks, insurances, system of health, school system and of formation, sector of the leisures and tourism…. The change took place well and the slow reduction in the industrial sector passed almost unperceived in front of the rapid development of the tertiary sector.: In the USA, more than 80% of the employees work in the tertiary sector, in France we still have nearly 10 points of delay and much more in certain areas. Problem: the current crisis comes exclusively from the financial sector. But the subprimes, these loans on real property granted to households which exceeded their capacities of refunding, are related to the real market. The financial system took into account this will of the leaders of the liberal system except that the speculation came caused a rise from the very fast price, rise maintained by the arrival on the real markets the enormous capital brought by the funds pension and the funds investments (and less here by the hedges funds for which in the short run the real estate is not profitable enough and which prefers the speculations on the values of the companies through the mechanism of the L.B.O.). Financial crisis A stupidly destroyed of the thousands of billion which was essential to finance the new challenges of our Western companies as regards the social aspects: financing of the lengthening of the lifespan, on the environmental level: the fight against the disordered states of the climates and the reheating of planet, on the economic plan and the eradication of misery as well as the financing of the migratory flows caused by the reheating of planet.

 This extremely serious error of the financial leaders and the leaders of the system of liberal capacity raises the basic problem: can capitalism be the system of being able adapted to the new challenges of our civilization? We tend for a long time to say: not! Not, because the capitalist and liberal system, we already said it, do not go until the end of a logic of production of richnesses for all and so it correctly does not use the economic function of distribution of the richnesses. We know why and for six years, this explanation has been in the middle of the Web site and our movement citizen. The will of a contractor to keep for him the profits of productivity and to claim the possibility of further selling its production possible eliminating its competitors rests in right on the political good-will to privilege the right of personal property, to prohibit the right of the common property, to limit the right of the collective ownership. In all flourishing civilizations and to all the people which have a culture based on the values of peace and love, the distribution of the richnesses passes by the common property. The collective ownership was always limited to the inheritance of the highest leaders: the kings and we know the consequences of the poor pupils of Karl Marx, especially of Lénine, who sought to impose by the force the collective ownership. The reader of experiences our developments on the principal error into 1789 to remove the vestiges of the common property of the time of the cathedrals organized by the networks of the monastic orders and knights. We showed of what this common property consists and we did not finish describing how to restore it today but this work continues.

 The error at the origin of the current crisis comes like always also from a misuse of last technologies.  The opening of the financial markets rests indeed on progress of data processing and the world networks which use Internet. It became very easy to move capital in a few seconds from one continent to another what makes it possible to speculate quietly since its microcomputer. In the same way it is possible to gather enormous sums in funds of investment whose titles could be sold through the banking networks of the world in the form of by-products, without bond none with the real economy. The financial crisis showed it to us, thanks to this data processing, it became possible to industrialize finance and to make so that the money produces itself more money. Connection with the real economy always passes through the credit: as long as people will subscribe to these appropriations to buy these financial products, the industrialization of finance remains possible. The universalization and the liberalization of the markets are thus not ideas or theories but the logical consequence of technological progress, this technological progress can be used differently than like the doctrines neolibérale want it. Still it is necessary that this technological progress is explained to the populations so that those accept the consequences installation by the leaders of the systems of being able. The financial crisis shows once more that our leaders do not work for the common interest but for the financial oligarchy of richest.


 The recent history also shows the essential role of the leaders of our liberal system in the supervening of the last and current crises.


On, we showed the example of people which before the industrial development or today, have cultures much more human and a standard of living total (material and spiritual) higher than our which is exclusively material. The republican pact founded after 1850 rests only on one material development of the standard of living, in the hope which material progress will avoid with the citizens continuing their quarrels on the religious monarchy and republic, quarrels between catholics and Protestants, today between Moslems, Christians, Jews or quite simply between religious and inaccurate fanatics and non-believers! We have just seen that the economic development as from the era industrialist knew to fill certain original gaps of capitalism: the tertiary sector knew to take over secondary industry and primary sector. This is why, until now, our companies overcame the major crises of capitalism. However from the beginning, it was possible to avoid entering the capitalist system of capacity then, with each crisis or world war, the possibility of leaving the system existed. They are well the leaders of the capitalist system and liberal who refused these occasions and which set up other answers, other policies able to continue their interests and their profits.

 We showed that in 1920, Jacques Duboin, in France an exit of capitalism proposed and developing the function of distribution of the richnesses and while requiring of the State to direct this new organization of the company. At the same time, Keynes wrote the program of a world government founded on the values of peace and love. But Duboin was described as utopian economist and Keynes was not entirely listened. The leaders of the capitalist system preferred to set up theories and an ideology at the service of the leaders of the rich countries.

 Since 1850, vis-a-vis this division of the richnesses made possible by the outputs of mass of industry, the intellectual and scientific response of the industrialized countries was the use of the racist theses and eugenists following Malthus. Short all opposite of a pacifist movement founded on the values of peace and love as Keynes in its world government recommended it. On the Earth, there were subraces which were not worth the sorrow to be helped but which on the contrary was to remain in a certain slavery compared to the white race able to develop industries. The eugenism was founded in the United Kingdom by Galton in 1869 when it studied the heredity of the intelligence. In France Théodule Ribot was convinced of the heredity of the psychosis and the doctors were to say who was degenerated. With State-Plain, there was Charles Davenport who introduced the idea of a “intelligence quotient”. These policies eugenists prohibited any reproduction on subjects afflicted with genetic disorders but also on subjects having antisocial behaviors. Certain states as Indiana adopted laws of obligatory sterilization by castration and irradiation. In the years 1900 the heir to the Krupp family in Germany, “Fritz” Krupp organized a price to crown a work in biology able to show a bond between the biological heredity of people and his political and social history, this to affirm the supremacy of certain people on others, in particular Germany with his population of Aryan race which could legitimately want to dominate Europe. The goal was to show that nationalism is intrinsic with the political life and that the socialist and revolutionary ideas are entirely false. By preserving its biological heredity and by eliminating the mental patients and the asocial ones, a nation would obtain an advantage in the competitive fight for survival counters other State-nations. The policies eugenists were used as support for the nationalist movements of the years 1910 and 1920. The eugenism evolved quickly to the theses of the racial hygiene inspired by the pseudo Darwinism. When Hitler lute in 1924 in his prison of Landsberg the writings of Lenz who occupied the first pulpit of racial hygiene at the University of Munich since 1923, we know that it was the world turning of the events and the genocides which followed. The paroxysm of this refusal of the division on a world level of course was the rise of Fascisms and the Nazism, the cruelty of the dictators to eliminate in mass the opponents and the submen, “these lives which were not worth the sorrow of living” and which consumed the resources of the elected populations, healthy on the racial level and of biology. To support capitalism before the technical possibility of a world trade on a large scale and whereas colonialism prohibited in fact on the political level the multilateral exchanges, the nationalist movements and the dictatorships were used shameless and regret to ensure the continuation of the system. We refused the solution of the world division in the years 1920 and of the million people following fascistic leaders and dictators, preferred the solution mortal of racism and the war against the submen. The fall of the last system of dictatorship born in the years 1910 also corresponds to the advent of the doctrines neolibérale on planet. Today, in this major crisis of the capitalist system which began, we are unaware of the face which will take this revolt of the people against this spoliation of their work and their desires of living, against these attacks with human dignity. Let us proceed itself in this same way traced by the bloodiest history? The cruel lessons of the history are always marked in our flesh even if the human tendency to lapse of memory east and if the monster can always reappear. Then?

 A first answer: in the years 1980, the same moment when the financial system liberalized with excess the markets, most economists, like Rifkin, in the United States, in its book “the end of work”, asked the governments states, to open the fourth economic sector: quaternary economy, noncommercial economy under penalty of placing their populations in crises economic policy and social increasingly terrible. To launch the noncommercial economy quaternary, it was necessary to start by reducing the influence of the capitalist economy commercial on the populations by reducing the working time, which also allowed a division of work initially so as to relieve the social budgets of fight against unemployment to direct these budgets towards the starting of the noncommercial economic pump. We know what occurred the 35 hours in France and more still of the recommendation of Keynes which indicated about 1920, that in the year 2000 to ensure each citizen a minimum of incomes to live decently, it would be necessary to work between 15 and 20 hours per week in the commercial economy, the remainder of time being used by the production of richnesses in the noncommercial economy. The noncommercial production is developed by the capitalization of the social rights suggested by Pierre Leroux in the years 1850 in France, with the French National Assembly. The capitalization of the social rights was initially isolated to set up the capitalization of the actions in order to develop the large industrial firms able by their gigantic investments in technical capital to ensure the mass production of consumer goods. This production of tangible properties, in the republican pact, had like finality of éradiquer misery and to occupy the citizen so that it spends his time satisfying its material needs and that they do not occupy any more political questions especially monarchists, religious questions, particularly catholic integrist and that finally, the republic knows a pause in the civil wars between partisans of a political régime or of another like in the wars between catholics and Protestants then in the conflicts between laic catholics and citizens who had some more than enough dogmas obscure of Roman papacy. This crisis of capitalism brings back the French politicians to this starting point: it is not finally time to give on the table this capitalization of the social rights?. In the spirit of Pierre Leroux the 2 forms of capitalization were compatible in 1850, which it did not imagine, it is that the class of the politicians would serve only the interests of richest to confiscate this beneficiation technique of the produced richnesses and to prohibit it until today with the whole of the citizens! On, we have presented for six years best solutions which founded the most brilliant civilizations. This solution comes us from the edges of the Nile and it was saved destruction of the temple of Dendérah to be preserved at the Cassin Mount as of year 500. This solution passes by the noncommercial economy, by the capitalization of the social rights, our readers know it. The leaders of the capitalist system refuse this opening of the quaternary economy and seek to eliminate and occult this normal evolution of the economic system. Liberalism on this point is also who kills freedoms!

 We have just seen the intellectual aspect of the current crisis. There are especially political choices which were not made, of the refusal to leave the capitalist system whereas it was time and that the occasion lent itself to it to less evil, that the time of a socially acceptable transition was possible. Since the years 1980, the politicians have to take into account this reality. Some included/understood more quickly than others than the weight of the political decisions in this manner of setting up universalization was very weak even non-existent as long as the total questioning of the system was not put on the table. From where, initially, a certain disinterest for these economic questions.

 This disinterest of the political community could have a certain advantage for the economic decision makers. They had the freer hands to carry out businesses. We will take a typical case likely to become an academic case in France: history of Thomson-CSF and Thomson Multimédia whom we developed on our site. This case illustrates a coarse error of management then made in the name of the respect of the liberal doctrines whereas the group had all technologies to ensure its development in technologies of telecommunications and information systems with the patents on the flat-faced screens liquid crystals which it had recovered in the repurchase of RCA, world number one on the market of the television sets. This example is not isolated: the French political community is characterized by the abandonment, the rejection of these problems of companies or professional branch in full evolution. Since the ironmasters which refused in front of Gaulle to invest to modernize the iron and steel industry after 1945 whole while refusing the assistance of the Marshall plan, the reflex remained the same one: to ensure its peace of employers or elected officials of the nation by drawing aside all the subjects which annoy and are able to agitate the voters. After the annual stock sale of the iron and steel industry, textile, shipbuilding and the list remain incomplete, the politicians of right-hand side put themselves at work to get rid of the public companies and to reduce the public services. Liberalism, the policies neolibérales consist in importing in the public services the methods of capitalist business management. Profits of the ones in front of necessarily finding itself at the others. Except that an administration does not have as finalities to carry out profits durably. It is then enough to reverse the machine: profits becoming of the economies in the administrations and the administrations having to convert with becoming companies able to carry out profits!

 The use of efficient policies is enough to achieve goals without wasting the resources. But we are not any more at this stage. The economies became essential for the liberal politicians neo for two reasons:

 Temptation is thus large for the State to eliminate this problem by entrusting the maximum of the public utility to the private sector. Only the doctrines of the neoliberalism make it possible to legitimate such measurements which go against the republican contract. It is thus well a rupture of the republican contract and this without changing the monarchical operation of the French institutions. We find the origin of French schizophrenias here, to take again the title of the book of Ezra Suleiman, Grasset 2008.  “We are well the country attached to a republican model judged indépassable whose supreme chief and, with his image, all those which hold a piece of authority, behave as a monarch. The country which idealizes the principle of equality and which is controlled by an elite which has the appearance of a quasi impenetrable caste. A proud of its republic one and indivisible country and which lets flower the communautarism on its ground” (Marianne 03.01.09). To preserve their place at the capacity, the political leaders track the evolution of management in the private companies. They have only these doctrines to post a little bit of coherence in their politicking operations and to support their D election near the voters.

 On, we showed the importance of the movement of the quality circles in the years 1980 which had made it possible to the employees to practice a participative management. In front of the fear of the leaders of losing the reason to be able to them, in the years the 1990 shareholders imposed the generalization of the governorship of company. In management, we thus passed from total quality to the risk management. It is not a question any more of asking groups of voluntary employees to use tools of resolution of problems to show of initiative and responsibility by using the principle for subsidiarity at the local level. The governorship of company requires of some experts to write the list of the procedures which, if they are followed to the letter, must optimize the results and avoid the errors, the conflicts, the doubt about the manner of carrying out a task. Consequently the employees must observe these procedures and not show creative initiatives more. We find here a restoration of the autocratic style of management or the continuation of the paternalist style, the rejection of the participative style of direction. We are thus in full opposition to progress on the level of management! The evolution towards participative management and a more direct democracy which can better use human resources is thus stopped Net as of the beginning of the years 1990. For president Mitterrand the priority political choice is Europe and the installation of the euro but then, to say as much that it forsook the fate of the French employees! They included/understood it and know it! The problem comes owing to the fact that a many employees were formed with the quality circles and included/understood why their leaders prohibit to them to continue this participative movement, to even generalize it with the administrations and the democratic political life. The effects on the motivation of paid and their remunerations are known with their negative effects of great width. The application of this policy of government of company in the administrations with this new form of obedience forced to follow to the letter the procedures start to cause intolerable negative results concretized by useless deaths which shock the citizens. Whereas France remains champion of the industrialized countries for her bad social relations, the adoption of this mode of autocratic management with its procession of obligatory procedures and objectives of economies which correspond to the variation of the doctrines néolibérale, carries out the country at the edge of the social explosion, especially when the consequences of the crisis still come to weigh down its difficult social condition.

 Without reviewing all the public administrations, the example of the public hospital becomes caricatural of this autocratic and liberal drift. Since 1995, the errors of management multiplied. There was first of all the intervention of the Alain Juppe Prime Minister who with a disconcerting logic, had found good to reduce the posts of doctors and nurses to reduce the chronic deficit of the social security: by removing actors, inevitably one would remove the expenditure generated by the work of these actors! 35 hours the automatic application thereafter returned the situation of human resources out of control. These last years, the introduction of the management risk with its libraries of administrative procedures leads to drifts able to kill out of the patients or to let them die in the pretext of observe with the letter the procedure. Under this reign of the procedures, there is no more listening of the patients and thus more reasonable and human diagnosis. In a given situation, it is a question of carrying out prescribed analyzes and of following the treatment indicated in the procedure. When the families revolt in front of incomprehensible death their children or their close relations, the leaders cut off themselves behind the procedures and these attitudes come to reinforce the feeling of incomprehension between the citizens and the elites which control them. Old cyclist racing amateur, we are particularly shocked by the incomprehensible death of a young cyclist racing to the autumn 2008 at the Hautepierre hospital of Strasbourg. This cyclist racing of junior category had been wounded with the drive and had burst spleen. To the urgencies, the team of guard followed the protocol to the letter: one did not have to remove spleen and as no qualified surgeon was there to repair spleen, it was necessary to await the end of the weekend until dead follows from there whereas the surgeon of guard, seems it, was qualified to remove spleen! The majority of the sportsmen make competitions Sunday and they can be wounded. If they must now know that they will not be neat any more correctly and that they can die about it, as much to move the competitions and the drives in week and make so that they all are professional in their sports and take part in the sale of sporting spectacles! That will still make less pupils in the school system. It is enough to follow the liberal doctrines neo to arrive from there there!

 To obtain desired economies, the concern of the current government is to carry out profits of productivity in the administrations. In the private sector, the companies in competition use like first source of profits of productivity, the economies of scale. It is a question of producing more with the same quantity of factors of production. When the market is saturated or that its organization is already oligopolistic, the solution then consists in making negative economies of scale: it is a question of producing as much but with definitely less factors of production. The second source of profits of productivity usually used relates to the use of new technologies, example: to sell directly on Internet to reduce its costs of distribution. A third source of profits of productivity lies in the change of structure to in general obtain more flexibility and of simplicity. In industry, this change of structure corresponds to the installation of the Juste in time (J.A.T.) with his means which are tended flows, the kanban, etc Enfin there permanently remains the last source of profits of always possible productivity: the rise in the qualification level and the development of the expertises mainly to arrive at better managing the unforeseen ones and avoiding the problems before they do not occur. In the companies, marketing insight is an example: marketing seeks to more know the attitudes and the motivations of the consumers for better meeting their needs and better the fidéliser. We saw that the adoption of a management by the procedures is not actually a profit of productivity but the pretext to maintain a style of direction autocratic or paternalist. The hospital, medicine as the majority of the scientific fields can be managed and develop only by using the expertise and the high level of proficiency of its personnel. It is a field where the work of group is of primary importance and essential participative management. To subject this personnel to the obligation to observe the procedures is already a waste of intelligence and a source of demotivation. In this January 2009, we have the celebration of the opposite example, that of this American pilot who in a few seconds in New York, after having taken off, took his responsabilities and showed initiative to save his crew and his passengers while landing on sea with his A320 Airbus on the Hudson river. At an age where the French companies do not want any more them, this former fighter pilot knew to use all his competences to avoid a catastrophe. This example shows well the importance of the experiment and the primacy of the knowledge as well as liberty of action, capacities to take creative initiatives of value. This case becomes also symbolic system of the change which we must carry out in the management of our human resources and the necessary abandonment of the liberal practices in this field.

 The school system, of education and training has as a principal purpose to make it possible to the citizens to acquire one day this knowledge and this high level of competences to include/understand and take part in the development of the company and to find thus also answers and satisfactions on the personal level. The rise in the level of knowing and the qualification level is a source of profit of productivity for the country. In France, the ministry for national education, in the field of the human stock management, with the characteristic not to precisely have some and to be regularly unable to take into account precision the state of its manpower, a precise absentee rate, requirements in estimated management for employment able to feed a satisfactory internal mobility. The first source of profits of productivity is thus the introduction of data-processing technologies and the information systems to set up a real human stock management. This can be done, as in a private company, only through the participation of each one in the food of the data bases in personal information of quality. To carry out this wonder in an administration which does not even have the right of expression of the employees granted in 1982 to the private sector, concerns the illusion. The institution prefers to preserve its style of autocratic direction and its culture of the contempt of the elite with respect to the basic civils servant. It should be noted that the whole of the professors and teachers have a level of qualification equal or higher than vat + 4, which is quasi non-existent in a company of the private sector. The second source of profits of productivity is thus a change of structure of direction and probably the end of the monopoly of national education in the republic thanks to computerization. The solution chosen by the current government is much simpler and brutal: it imposes obtaining negative economies of scale: to make as much even more with less manpower. If not it uses the famous theory of the reduction of aerofoil because the state quite simply does not have any more money! The lawyer and the historian will answer on this point that the key of exit of Ancien Régime before 1789, the valve of safety, was the obligation to join together the States Généraux when the cases of the kingdom were empty. We said that the revolutionists of 1789, knowing this lesson, hastened, to defend their new places, to remove this provision in the republican constitutions since 1789 and let us be we always there, with one of the principal causes of the French opposition to progress and of its very bad social and political relations. When a group seizes the capacity, it defends initially its place… in contradiction with the republican values and the rules which it writes with its hand! The citizens know it, see it the every day and do not support it any more.

 The removal of tens of thousands of stations in national education is accompanied by a more or less precise reform of the school syllabus. The string is so large that it is easy to note that these reforms of programs are there only to justify this suppression in mass of the posts of teachers. Not only the government uses negative economies of scale but it still does it in contradiction with the search for a profit of productivity obtained by a rise in competences in the population. While wanting to get rid of the school question while allowing the pupils to choose themselves the matters of the program under pretext that that supports their orientation towards an occupation, we enter a total contradiction then. More serious, the middle class understood that this reduction of the public utility of teaching will strike them in first by more reducing the chances of their children to reach better employment and an easier standard of living. If it is necessary to pay more to succeed of the studies which offer few employment opportunities and even less interesting employment because the latter is provided by co-optation through the circles with private relations, the political operation becomes pyromaniac: as much to light continuation the wick and that the powder barrel explodes. At least that which acts of the kind shows that it is not idiotic and that it knows what he does!

 Not only France is champion of the industrialized countries for her worse social relations and saw we it, that will not change because the State adopts the mode of a governorship of company and the tools of the management risk to maintain a style of direction autocratic and to refuse an evolution towards a participative style of direction, but it is also recognized as one of the industrialized countries which since tens of years are not worried to create more jobs in order to propose with its youth a professional future at the exit of the studies. Our rate of unemployment of the young people and his high level corresponds more to one country not industrialized like Greece than with an industrialized country. This rate of unemployment of the young people illustrates the opposition to progress of the paternalist style of direction and separation between the citizen, youth in particular, and its elites in the republic. To claim to reform the school system without eliminating this opposition to progress from the leaders of the commercial economy is a vanity moreover for some spirits mislaid in the policy.

 Through these some examples, we see that all these reforms have one goal: to consolidate the capacity in place, to decrease the few countervailing powers founded by the republic in the monarchical operation of our institutions, to reinforce the capacities of operation of the leaders of this system entirely dedicated to the success of capitalism. The use of the liberal fable does not convince anybody any more. Universalization does not unify the world, it splits up it and the transnational corporations reinvent a new form of colonialism. The operation of our systems of being able is always the same one: opposite a difficulty, it can only exclude. On, that made more than six years that we say that progress is either in this system but in the installation of organizations in networks. The current crisis of financial capitalism opens a door of exit to us to leave this system. We have magnifying glass the preceding occasions and humanity paid very expensive: financial losses being buried under mountains of corpses caused by the genocides and the war crimes.

 In conclusion: the solutions always existed but the true persons in charge are the leaders and in first places the politicians: 

they waited until the richnesses of the industrialization of finance save the system and by there their place of politicians. They were obliged to let make the leaders of finance and of the companies and they the methods of management imposed by the shareholders copied to maintain their domination and an autocratic style of direction. The economy and the capitalist system dominate the political field always as much and the place human being remains invariably very secondary. This crisis obliges us to give the place human being to the first rank and consequently the political and economic leaders must yield their places and give up the capitalist and liberal ideology. The revolutionary strategy of rotting has it also its limits: it that the fruit rotted before the tree or the plant is necessary does not reappear but can y have an analogy with the human beings? In the polemology, yes: the wars are then useful to select the best which will leave victorious and eliminate weakest. These theses were used for the human disasters which we know. Beyond these fascinations for death and the horror, we also know that our leaders of the systems of being able returned taboo and struck interdicts the knowledge the most brilliant civilizations founded the organizations in networks. This knowledge always exists and the first source of knowing was always available for a human being. All is ready, each day we can undertake this return towards the evolution of an again humanistic civilization. Should it still be waited until an American president of black ethnic origin manages to prove that this change is possible because we all can it here and now?

 Barrack Obama goes on the traces of Abraham Lincoln. Symbol of the abolition of slavery, its accession with the presidency of the United States cannot make forget that today it is necessary to abolish the domination of financial industry in capitalism and liberalism before quickly giving up the system itself for a new more democratic and humanistic organization of our companies. The USA hope much in their new president but aren't late of an abolition? can the example of Lincoln be useful to abolish the domination of the money and Wall Street? only one man can it carry two abolitions: to leave the minorities the ghettos, to overcome the gated communities and the balkanization of the American company while leaving its country and the industrialized countries the most unverifiable capitalism, by nationalizing Wal Mart immediately for example, without forgetting Monsanto and some other liberal figures neo?

 To wait! to wait! especially in France where we are at least two thousand years old of history to begin again while starting by correcting the errors of 1789 which allowed operation centralism of the absolute monarchy to remain in the Parisian republican centralism! For a poet and probably contrary to considerable philosophers, the action precedes the thought, at least the thought which carries a total knowledge joining together the two sources of knowing possible for a human being. The life of a human being is not to be excluded from a system of economic policy capacity and social by the leaders of this system! There is an unjustifiable and intolerable oppression. Vis-a-vis these injustices, the answer is for a French in the first two articles of the Declaration of the rights of man and of the Citizen of 1789: article 2 recognizes the basic right to resistance against oppression. In this oppression, there was the tyranny of the absolute monarchy and always present in the work of the republican institutions, the tyranny of the dictatorships which conquered France temporarily. They are military and police, despotic oppressions. The consequences of the crises of capitalism and liberalism give birth to since 1830 from political, economic and social oppressions. The duty of a French citizen is to also fight them. It has the right to resist these oppressions to pare out of the country the theories of capitalism and its liberal frontage neo. This right to resistance against oppression is not one of the errors of 1789 which we intend to correct, the reader of knows it very well just like it knows that that we want to correct and that our political leaders do not want to know. The knowledge is there! With you to choose, it is a question of life!



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