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The elections of 2007 prepare in an election campaign whose principal axis is summarized in the words “rupture” or “major change”. Our politicians and the militants of their parties included/understood the rupture, the ditch which has been established for several decades between the citizens and their representatives. The current countryside relates little to the causes of this rupture : by decency, our politicians present few analyzes on the failures, compromisings, the corruptions and the loss of our republican Utopias, the incapacity to make function the French republican pact. They prefer speech or are obliged to present viable and acceptable solutions. To criticize the policies followed by the outgoing government, this facility used usually in the past, is not any more setting: the citizens have some enough of these processes which do not lead to nothing since almost all the last governments pursued the same impotent policy vis-a-vis the changes of the economy and to the development of the inequalities organized by the new millionaires and billionaires and other new rich person to political cynicism, economic and social of the worst species. This change of tone in the countryside is reinforced by the arrival of a new generation of politicians to the supreme candidature. The presence of at least a candidate who has real chances to be elected President, still accentuates this revival in the political community and takes part concretely in this perception that we let us live a rupture or a major change in our political practices. However the heart of the combat did not change, on the contrary the electoral combat became even wilder and petty. Never a political party had had as much the hand put on the media to weigh on the public opinion. We the Italian example in this field, is this had our turn of living these horrors citizens and is this the announced change there? To hide these obscure and scandalous realities, a real aubaine was encrusted in the marketing year 2007: the irruption in force of the truths ecologists, the impossible to circumvent question of the reheating of planet and the solution of the durable development that this climatic disordered state imposes. All the parties included/understood the interest of this electoral topic which starts to arrange everyone: to focus the parties and the voters on the future to try to make quickly forgotten the political past and its failures, gone up inequalities, forgotten company and advantageous economy, this endemic unemployment which almost does not drop especially that the reform on the retirements moved back three years the departure of the first age brackets of the baby-boom which will start only in 2009. In the same way, temptation is real and large to use these shown ecological truths each day a little more by the advances in knowledge of the ground and the universe, to attenuate the impact of the development of the fanatic religious capacities in the poor countries and among the poor of our Western companies, mainly among the population of recent foreign origin. This topic ecologist also lends itself to a rupture, with a major change in the politicking argumentations: it is as if the charts were redistributed, that there was a news always gives, that the incompetents of yesterday could remake assets to remain in the part and to think to again be able to gain it, to the same table, in the same place! There, there is no trace of rupture nor of major change, there are new and formidable bet: to continue to want to direct our systems of certainly being able by giving a new course but while finally managing to take the places in the palates of the republic that the outgoing generation kept so a long time in its capacity. To manage once more to persuade the citizens whom they must initially vote for our bus candidature, we must be able at the supreme capacity before any possibility of rupture or major change compared to the policies of the past. The citizens must go to the ballot boxes at the end of an electoral combat increasingly more pitiless or of an electoral joke increasingly more ridiculous and nauseating even if they do not support any more this set of the easily deceived ones, because after, the victorious political party will set up this rupture or this change. This first bet in the chronological order of the things is not the last by far. We did sufficient competitions in the bicycle and ski touring and to climb at the top of the mountains, some times at more than four thousand meters in the Alps to know what is the mutual aid and competitive spirit. We consider that the political action is not a competition to know which camp will gain the right to settle with the capacity, that the fight for the conquest of the capacity has nothing to do with the exercise of the authority and the minimization of violences. In an organization in network, the fight to conquer a capacity does not exist and that which exerts the power usually made wish of poverty and humility and practical the active listening of the group of which it with the load.

The diversity of the political programs is at the beginning a richness for a country, still is necessary it that a complementarity and an association of the means and wills are set up to carry out the majority of these measurements. This largely exceeds the only conquest of the capacity to be able to follow its own policy which the verdict of the ballot boxes will have metamorphosed in best policies to set up. 


Bets developed in this election campaign of 2007:

We traverse the political space from one extreme to another while starting with the line.

On the extreme line:


the bet consists in hiding its traditional face, to place on the front of the scene the personality of a younger generation but which works for the father founder: the rupture of the generations is here only very partial and with final, non-existent. The strategy of influence of the voters is in rupture on the form but not on the bottom: there is no more use of the register of emotions (the fatherland, the concept, the French identity, etc) but there is use of the two other strategies: the call to the feeling of membership of the French group and mainly there is use of the logical argumentation: the traditional parties will not change their politicking manners, the inequalities are closely related to laxisms of the policies on immigration; vis-a-vis the financial drifts of the universalization of the economy, a return to protectionist measurements is essential to avoid the plundering of our companies by the funds of investments and the foreign funds of pension. It is enough to buy know-how, the French mark and its notoriety then it is a question of closing the factories and the offices in France to produce at lower cost elsewhere and to confiscate for oneself the maximization of the profits thus carried out. This judgment of the ultra liberalism is accompanied of course and like always, of a rejection visceral of the communist solution. Put this thesis main road-Socialist which openly any more does not dare to bear its name but preserves in secrecy all the power of the arguments which brought Germany and part of Europe collaborationnist to enter in war in 1939 against the capitalist countries and the communist countries to try to impose to the order new Nazi, remainder always present in the political debate and each crisis pokes new adhesions with these sectarian beliefs, nationalists who lead ineluctably to the war. Because in these theses, there is no place for a compromising with other systems of being able and even less the place for a co-operation with organizations in network which are the perfect opposite example compared to this political dictatorship. Then in 2007, these parties inevitably collect new adhesions since there is crisis. Can one bet that that will be enough to gain the electoral combat? The only certainty is known: if the votes of these militants of extreme right-hand side and the votes protesters of the citizens who want to cause the defeat of the democratic parties to be avenged for their policies of the past, if these two votes elect the extreme line, then the hour of the revolution by the civil insurrection meets to make sounds. In fact the horrors of the street will certainly make move back several generations the conditions to leave our systems capacity civil and religious and to set up the organizations in network based on the direct participative democracy and the complementarity between the three forms of property.

On the right: there are several bets,


o Increase in the public expenditure through all kinds of electoral promises. This small play the current candidate beats with punt seams the outgoing President who had not dared to go until there at the time of the last election of 2002 bus there is all the same the throbbing situation of the national debt which is well the result of the last governmental policies. Very studying in management and economy knows the cycles of growth. Here is that this party serves again us this intellectual salad: put aside the certainty that one day indeed there will be again a strong growth and that it will be the moment to sponge the national debts, these political decision makers do not dare to look opposite the put policies does not place by the industrial and financial officers of the company: the growth is elsewhere, in other continents. To develop conditions to support the growth in Europe does not interest them any more: our countries must consume what is produced elsewhere, a point all. Can one finance the growth on the only tool of distribution whereas usually it is the production equipment which creates the added value and thus the GDP? The commercial margins nourish the new rich person when there is not the price war and that to maintain an advantage competing, the companies use strategies of innovation in the place of the strategies of domination by the costs, if not the commercial margins are crushed by the producers who do not support that their distributers install such barriers to consumption on their markets. Very studying in management, to obtain its diploma will say it to you. Is France champion in the innovation? The dilapidation of its structures of research and the escape of the researchers bring a shingling denial.

This escape in front of the public expenditure in addition to their extremely dangerous character raises an essential question however: aren't the leaders of this party openly or a discrete way, making the bet of the advent of the Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy of which we showed that the culture rests on the values Malthusians and of which the goal consists in undermining the capacity of the states and with dérèglementer the national economic policies to leave the field free to their theses preserving monetarists and ultra intended to maximize the protection of the rich person and to draw aside the threat of the rising of the poor throughout the world? If the candidates of this party want to postulate in a place of choice in this world financial oligarchy, there is not that flattering meetings with the Bush clan in the United States, it is necessary indeed to gain the capacity in France to effectively serve these new Masters of the world who did not lose yet their capacity economic and financial and were not thrown yet in prison in the USA or here in Europe, Switzerland and tax havens including. (what will belong to nearest attributions of a Minister of Interior Department, in particular in France).

o  The dismantling of the social right and the republican pact. It is indeed here about a frightening rupture in the rules of the Republic. The right is made certainly to evolve/move with the proviso of initially modifying the causes which brought this state of the right. This party does not militate to set up an organization in network, which would largely explain this abandonment of the current right for the benefit of a more protective right still of the citizens. Not, this party militates well to transform our system of being able for the benefit of the leading classes.: The idea is simplistic even if it is logical: the more the heads of undertaking will make benefit, the more there should be employment and the more the taxes should return in the cases of the state. The capitalist and liberal system does not give results that within the framework of the maximization of the profits. Without these profits, nothing really goes and in the last they are the employees who make the expenses of them, the state in front of then helping them by digging its public deficits in particular. In short that transfers quickly with the republican nightmare. It is well a logical intellectual construction but there is nothing here to slow down the imagination of a poet and to view other constructions quite as logical and certainly more justifying for the citizens. We showed the error of 1789 which gave the priority to the personal property and interdict the common property. As long as this error will not be eliminated in France and in the countries subjected to the capitalist economic system, the opposition between right of personal property of the means of production and distribution of the richnesses and social right, mainly law the labor will remain vain and be a barrier to the durable development in humanity. The solution which consists in making to each employee a shareholder is particularly hypocritical and indecent in France: since 1945, no government concretized the objective in this field of the national council of resistance of Algiers and did not found the voting rights of the employee representatives to the commercial board of directors of the company. The Marshall plan imposed in Germany and the participative management of the German companies in particular must inspire any candidate before it does not tell silly things. Without that we inevitably return to this will to put out of order our national economies to support the development of Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy who certainly could make a small place with the French leaders of the greatest financial groups if they managed to make apply such social anti policies on our premises, wonder not at all obvious even for a powerful economic decision maker of Manhattan or City in London. But it is a bet which can bring back its weight of dollars… if the French employees behave as in the experiment of Milgram, precisely developed to Yale, other side Hudson River….but it should not be forgotten that all these territories before colonization, belonged to the Confederation iroquoise of the great law which binds of the people which builds, confederation of people organized in networks and its imported roots of France and ever lost, will give again early or late life with new trees of prosperity for all the members of their political, economic and social organization.

On the shape of the election campaign: the bet is that the control of the media in the sale of the candidate according to laws' of the most commercial marketing, will give the decisive asset to gain the electoral combat. While spending its time attacking each day the adversary more than to expose its proposals and to convince the voter, the bet for populist that it is, is not inevitably gained and it can be even turned over against this party. All depends if the electorate is really idiotic as this party takes it and than the behaviors of the citizens in their majority follow what occurs in the experiment from Milgram, i.e. that they are subjected to these clear and clear instructions to give blows to the adversary. In the contrary case, the citizens who followed some instructions and obtained some same diplomas not recognized on the wage level in their company or their administration, can find very well these operations perfectly hateful and worthy of more beautiful applicant to the dictatorship.

On the left: there are also no badly bets.


We dare to make the bet which the left will not create this rupture and this change of culture and which once more it will make the round back under the attacks of the right-hand side on the level of its tax measurements and of the cost of its social measures… and that it will bite the fingers. But will do we it and it is not an oath of mother but of French poet, child of Hugo, Musset, Mallarmé, Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Verlaine, of Aragon, of Eluard, Breton and so much of other men and women but not too child of Lamartine bus in 1848, it made not badly silly things whereas it held the revolutionary capacity. We were with another poetic school, more intuitive, less poetry of living room and puns, of rhymes.

These bets or these not-bets are well in the social tradition of the French left, still is necessary it to have political courage to undertake these civilizing measurements serving the durable development. Statement then to prove it by achievements. To dare to undertake the major change, the velvet revolution which French never made a success of (it is true that the Russian people forever successful to make a first true revolution to release itself from the tyrants but it is not a report comforting for us).

On the extreme left:

there is initially the bet undertaken by the Communist Party to remain faithful to the values of last and which is not able to be called into question, i.e. to give up the priority granted to the collective ownership to dare to restore the common property and to grant a place to the local democracy, putting thus fine at the myth dictatorship of the party and the centralism of the state. In short, while admitting finally that Marx and Engels made a heavy error while wanting to use the apparatus of the state to found Communism and by rejecting the example of the organization in network which they had under their eyes and which they however admired by studying the Confederation of the nations iroquoises which was used as source with the constitution of the United States of America.

The movement alter mondialist, in our opinion, still did not pose the terms of its bet: to fight against is the liberal ultra system enough to justify its existence? We bet that not! There is the obvious influence of the trade-union mediums: the French trade unionism never truly recovered from the law scélérate Waldeck Rousseau of 1884 which shared political space between the political parties and the trade unions, condemning the latter to the only professional claim of order without daring to intervene on the political level: the political parties dominating left the always prompt working medium there to go down in the street or to carry out riots which do not lead to nothing and do not have any force of proposal. The politician belongs well to the leading elite of the country and the even syndicalized workman must start with him to obey. This way of life of the 19th century to justify that it could be it yesterday, and still we will not justify it, is not any more current but there remains present and largely explains the disaffection of the trade unions by the employees. We had explained it as of the years 1997 in the few meetings in which we had taken part : the movement alter mondialist holds a speech which is concretized in organizations in network. To develop the alternative of the organization in network, presents is too precursory a risk to be misunderstood, to be rejected by the political community ? To make is the bet remain on the values of secularity and scientific rationalism, the clerical anti culture and be unaware of the spiritual development which ensures the development of the relations of confidence and solidarity, federator and carrying success ? We make the bet that not !

In the center

The party ecologist

this movement hesitates, in our opinion between two bets: that to remain out of the field of the political parties since the field of ecology is common to any political action. It positions then like a movement referent able to give its expertise to the political, economic and social decision makers. The other possibility is to become a political party like the others, which it is actually obliged to become since in France, a movement obtains a space of word citizen only at the time of the elections, mainly of the presidential elections. Its actions touch with the modification of the ways of life on the ground and these successes make it credible. To develop its movement, in our opinion, it must use the way of the organization in network and in particular conclude the Confederation of the various local movements which are activated through the country. To amalgamate this movements in an organization in system of capacity able to ensure a direction the obedience of the various local groups is against the values of this movement. For us the choice is clear and the quarrels partisanes to make function a system of being able ecologist within a party single ecologist do not interest us! It does not remain about it less than the remarks of certain leaders ecologists are exactly the same ones as ours: “less goods and more bonds”, Being rather than To have (we say in poetry: “to live rather than to be” or “to only be”, to mark the difference between a human being born with the life and a human being which reappears with the life after its meeting with the mysteries of the life, it is not only one detail), to place the human being in the middle of the organization…


For fileane.com

we do not have bets. We know where we go, from which the values and the standards come, ways of life of the culture in network which we seek to position back. We know our adversaries which always militate for the reinforcement of our systems of civil capacities, military and religious and which wants always more extremely to control the people with the liberal ultra dominant ideology or the dogmatic and fanaticized religious ideology which was established like the combatant of the liberal ultra ideology. We do not have to suffer from these electoral combat here and to undergo these warlike combat which devastate other areas.

If we must pose a bet, to propose a bet with the French political parties engaged in this election campaign 2007, it would be this one:

we ask the candidates to engage on the development of the local participative democracy and on the use of the principle of subsidiarity, principle to register in a new constitution in a new republic, inevitably 6th of the name. This engagement allows:

If all this appears mysterious and incomprehensible, the Net surfer has at his disposal the Web site of fileane.com. He can read the example of a development of an organization in network through the novel “D' Éleusis with Dendérah, the prohibited evolution”. Even if this novel goes back ten years, like practically nothing to evolve/move in the direction of the novel, there remains always current. Ah if! a point has just been carried out! this point relates to the electronic war that the knights carry out against the NSA which is with the service of the leaders of Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy: for a few days, we have known that the Chinese army is able to destroy a spy satellite passing to the top of China such as for example a satellite of the Echelon network. Like what, in our novel, there are little Utopia and intellectual imagination but rather a burning desire of living according to our reasons of living and not according to the orders of a system of being able which leads planet to the disaster. The choice of living does not support any bet.



the principle of subsidiarity

The great law which binds confederation of the people iroquois


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