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it acts of the second decorporation of Pierre, history approached largely already in the public part.

The incident resulted in a syncope caused by the abrupt dilation of bronchioles caused by cold and wet air in the lungs which was brutally heated at a high temperature. This dilation of bronchioles with fact pressure on the bronchi which were tight at the point not to more let pass the air, from where a smothering and fallen in syncope. Once the lying body by ground, Pierre saw since his body duplicated with two meters approximately of its carnal body. Not including/understanding what occurred, it remained to wait understanding that the time which passed the more unquestionable death of its carnal body meant. Indicator to come to him behind the wall from its room the envoy from the darkness, taken of panic in front of that which was going to take it along and condemn it to darkness, Pierre is addressed to that which lives in us and with which it had already made a very intimate contact at the time of its first decorporation at 12 years. This one, once requires it of Pierre formulated, makes so that immediately it regains its body, is raised without any evil whereas a plate of the skin of its back is stuck to the heating wall of the oil-fired stove of its room.

The origin of the facts:

around 18 years, Pierre, cyclist racing amateur junior, go one Sunday afternoon of mid-November, with his bicycle half-race, at the stage of football of Mutzig, which represents approximately 1/2h bicycle with 30km/h. The team of the "white devils of the valley of the Bruche" then makes speak about it with players of talents promised with a beautiful professional future. A little older than him, Pierre is interested in these sportsmen who like him, come from the villages of the neighbourhoods. 

The tactics of the team were simple: Arsene Wenger, the large fair one, with his dazing dribbles, kept the ball to attract the most player on him. On the other side of the ground, Jean-Noel Huck awaited only the balloon which from time to time arrived to him all the same. This one slipped by along the line to center on Albert Gemmrich who drew at once with the goal according to the typically German style: schuss, boom, goal! The other curiosity of the match but rather shocking for Pierre was to hear "the village idiot" or at least most idiotic of the spectators inveigh with Alsatian swearwords the players, in particular Arsène when it got mixed up the legs with the balloon. The cyclists racings in Alsace received also this kind of interpellation but more quickly you roll to less hear them you. For the poor footballers, they were to support that nearly 2 a.m. and one understands that some did not want any more to remain in Alsace after that... inevitably unbearable on behalf of supporters! In short the team had beaten this afternoon there that of Chaumont by 2-1. 

Pierre made a large effort on his bicycle to regain his house because a fine cold rain mingled with fog had started to fall. When it arrived in front of its village, the night arrived and Pierre started the lights of his half-race. Its room was overheated and the oil-fired stove had drained the air. While changing, with half naked, it was taken of hoquets, consequence of the effort which it had made and which it had brutally stopped in front of at his place. To remove the hoquet, it put a banal council into practice: to breathe à.fond, block breathing time to swallow 5 times of saliva. It did not have time to take again its breathing which it had fallen in syncope.


the Pierre following day was exempted to go in progress time to see the family practitioner. It did not want to see it, knowing that it was useless. With his great surprise, the doctor only took it separately to explain to him with a smile behind the head, which one did not have to have fun with these plays there, at least not only as Pierre had done in his opinion. The doctor, near to the retirement, entrusted that during his studies of medicine, with other comrades, it had had fun to practise similar experiments: a comrade fell in syncope to seek contacts with with beyond and after a certain time, one reanimated it using electric shocks or with other methods. Pierre had not said anything on his meeting with the envoy of darkness then with that which lives in us but the doctor did not need this kind of confidence. He had seen the skin stuck on the furnace which his/her parents had left to show it to the doctor, he knew that Pierre could wear shirt and jacket as if nothing were not and that no scar would remain on its back, that never he would not test the least pain, least pinching. The doctor was not unaware of that a extra-human intervention had taken place, that Pierre had had a meeting as probably had had to him in a room of its Faculty of Medicine.

The remark of the doctor allowed to Pierre dédramatiser this second decorporation even if it did not include/understand all yet that had just occurred. Thereafter, it understood that by chance (but this chance, these coincidences which guides the poets and well others) had put it in contact with a technique basic to leave its body and to face the presences of the worlds superior and double. Like if after so much of years spent since the first accidental decorporation, to seek new contacts, it to him were given the key to reach new meetings. However never Pierre did not use this technique thereafter. It is true that the circumstances of its third decorporation more dramatic than the two first showed him all wisdom to have to be satisfied with these accidental meetings without having to add artificial meetings to it. Essence, for Pierre, was not to start again but to seek well other testimonys of people, who like his doctor, had followed this advance towards these meetings.


is simple even rudimentary: it is enough to a place heated very well and whose air is dry in which the person will enter after having been a long time in another wet and cold place.

for the technique of reanimation, the question is less simple but it seems that to pose an extreme iron plate on the back of the person until making fall apart the skin can get the nervous shock able to resolve the operation of the organization. The use of the current means of reanimation must be enough to leave this syncope, it is also the matter which the doctor of Pierre had made. If not, there remains the solution taken by Pierre after long motionless moments in the corner of its room to look at its body without anything including/understanding: to refuse to follow the envoy of darkness and to ask to be saved with that which lives in us.



This technique can be as often as used one wants but it does not make it possible it to only cross the well of light. The slow progression of the syncope towards smothering represents the major characteristic of this technique. These long moments of waiting in a state of decorporation are favourable with a mental work on oneself and allows a dialogue of the heart for the heart. They must also make it possible to call and question other expensive beings to prepare the crossing of the well of light in the young case of un(e) initié(e). An initiate having already crossed the well of light must be able to use his new capacities extra sensory.

But the initiate understands quickly that to cause this decorporation is not a gratuitous act or of curiosity. The presence of the double world remains quite obscure and the powers which are there are before very hostile and able to ruin our human nature at the point to make it perish or to make it insane. It is necessary to be able to leave itself the world doubles and this capacity does not belong to our human condition, it is given to us by the presences of the higher world or more undoubtedly by that which lives in us and us makes cross the limits of dead of our carnal body. Without coming into contact with the higher world, the decorporation does not have a direction and can be completed by a mortal disaster and your capture by sent darkness. The contact with the presences of the higher world or that which lives in us establishes only for one valid reason. Except an unforeseen accident which puts to you in direct contact with the death of your carnal body and which automatically starts the intervention of these powers to return you without damage in your body (the doctors then speak about spiritual cure by immaterial forces which belongs to universal energy, to see the book divine Connexion of Dr. Melvin Morse), this valid reason relates to a prayer, a request to make good with the one of your close relations or a whole group. We find here the force of the prayer and the examples of successful prayers. That it is in normal state or a state of decorporation, the recourse to the prayer is the same one except as in a state of decorporation, the initiate can use these forces of the higher world directly.

Can this allowed use once in a quite precise case, be repeated and spread?

For questions of survival probably. Example: to arrive in a state of decorporation or state normal para to remotely visualize game herds, a secrete way, the progression of the enemies, etc. The remote vision is a well documented field of knowledge. The book of Dr. Melvin Morse indicates that "  the remote vision has a fantastic potential as proves it recent displaced military work of Dr. Hal Puntnoff of Standford University on behalf of the CIA in San Francisco. In 1974, it asked the subjects to give information on an important center of Soviet missiles. The visionary Pat Price had provided detailed drawings of the site in a place perfectly lost to the fine funds of the old USSR. The CIA understood that the Soviets used also the remote vision to identify the occupied or unoccupied American sites. The final study ordered by the government related to the space probe Discovery which passed very close to Jupiter. Joseph McMoneagle, who developed his talent following an experiment with the borders of death, had to give information on planet Before those of the probe were not received by the control room. Its remote vision brought precise ultra information which was confirmed thereafter by the data of Discovery! "

We also find such practices in the past and among disappeared civilizations. To draw herds of animals on the walls of a cave lost in the mountain can represent an occupation for painters cursed and excluded from their community just like these drawings can be the translation of what with considering the initiate in his vision. Moisture and the cold are well there at the bottom of the cave, it is enough to make a fire in the vicinity to put the initiate in brutal contact with an intense heat and the bronchioles will dilate until causing a syncope then the initiate knows what he has to do and for which he achieves this saving spiritual mission for his community! These caves could also become the one period old academy for the exposed future generations they also with dangers and which could need these powers of the higher world.

A stage of more advanced organization consists in building far from the mountains and the caves of the buildings able to restore these conditions to cause the syncope then the decorporation. You need places cold and there wet, take the underground rooms of the Egyptian temples or those of Tiahuanaco or of the temples of the ages of the Andes and add all to the bottom a lake crowned whose water will distribute moisture necessary, with the top build hot rooms and a place to make put back the body the time of the voyage and its spiritual mission, a Holy of Holies for example in whom nobody has the right to penetrate not to disturb the body preserved there and not to precipitate the return of the initiate and to waste his work! Look at the pyramid, formidable machine with decorporation and conservation of the terrestrial biological life: there is the crowned lake, the underground rooms, the slope to go up in the central room in which were to find cereal grains preserved so well that they could recover to germinate and to produce a harvest of the thousands of years later! If you want to give some ceremony to this spiritual experiment, to arrange one to two openings towards the sky through the wall of the pyramid and calculate the slope of these wells of light so that the ray of the sun penetrates in these wells only with the winter and summer solstice. To help you, recopy made calculations with Dendérah for the 180 windows in what a the each day the sun rose in a different window! Spend this day there a mirror to transform this ray and to make it able to light the crowned fire which will heat the part extremely in which the initiate will penetrate then to fall in syncope. Air then the part so that it takes again its usual temperature of maximum conservation and leave there the body of the initiate until he completes his mission and prohibit with whoever to penetrate in this part. Do not forget with the foot of the pyramid to build small temples so that the faithful ones support and accompany by their prayers the work of the intercessor by human near the higher world. Recall by some boats crowned either on the underground lake crowned or in front of the pyramid that thanks to this work of vision and contact with the surreality of our terrestrial existence, from the initiates went why not to also see Jupiter or the constellations of the zodiac in order to calculate the period of next great cataclysm when the ground rocks on its axis to erase the forces of retrocession stored with the length of its celestial navigation and to find a new center of gravitation, calculation which enabled them to save their people of cataclysm and to take them along on a new ground thanks to the boats (nandjits) of bituminized reeds...

For the applicants with initiation, the labyrinths were used as places of test and training. If they failed and did not manage to leave the test, they were not ready to face the syncope and the dialogue of the heart for the heart. While leaving the labyrinth with the assistance of their Masters, they gave up their research or were to take them again for better controlling them. Those which had crossed the traps and had known to answer the questions could enter the luminous and overheated part and in contact with fire crowned to prepare to receive the light which illuminates a whole once crossed the well of light. To maintain the applicant in the cold and moisture a long moment, to make become aware with the applicant whom it must slowly advance in the darkness, the cold and moisture for better then receiving the breath liberator of the crowned fire which takes you along towards your divine light, here is a reason to build these labyrinths or this double house of life of Dendérah. Then the abandoned body is placed in the Holy of Holies of the temple. Thereafter the initiate will be able not to go down again more in the labyrinth but collecting itself directly in the saint of the saint by the force of his prayer, it will be able to ask so that the forces of the higher world take it and takes it along out of its carnal body to conclude its mission.

Let us note finally that the initiating ceremonies of Eleusis also proceeded in this bay close to Athens because of its caves which were used during initiatory rites. Later the cathedrals comprised well a crypt generally reserved for the baptisms but it was nothing any more but one symbol in remembering the rites older than had exceeded in a way new and formidable an initiate of Dendérah of Jewish origin to the head of the movement nazoréen proclaiming the Christ who lives in us and us makes ressusciter deaths as of our human existence, well before the death of the carnal body, this in the line line of the high initiatory lesson of the oldest Egypt.

Indeed, to resort to this syncope which presents risks considerable and mortals cannot be used as way for the majority of the human beings in this meeting with that which lives in us and even if it would be possible, this requires a heavy logistics and vast buildings. Moreover these rites lend the side to all trickeries and handling possible through the only use of the magic. Held to some large priests and to political leaders, these initiatory rites actually become prohibited with the others. In Tibet, the monastic communities can deal with well the child who is the reincarnation of the last Dalai Lama and to prepare it with these spiritual high positions but this effort cannot be materially and humanly generalized for all. It is what Jesus will include/understand and it will open the way with an initiating way able to strengthen each human being in his hope of life and its faith of child of God. Even if Roman papacy reconsiders this opening and this way liberator organized through the first Christian communities structured in network, to impose single dogmas, a faith based on expurgés texts and rites adulterated in order to develop its temporal power on the people.

If the medical students have fun to have fear or seek to create contacts with the supernatural dimension of our human existence, it seems that he in probably does not go in the same way with the large seminarists of the Roman catholic religion for which would be rather to make a mortal sin, of pride! As for the others, perhaps prefer they to be keep silent and not to speak about these things. It is true that it frank masonry has honesty to say that the initiatory rites of the Pharaons were lost at the time of an invasion of the people of the sea and that they were never found, which does not prevent a mason continuing work in order to preserve the little of rites which were transmitted to us or from working to find these fundamental rites. If with the compass of angle, the hammer, the trowel and the bucket, they want to recover to build a pyramid, through these lines, they will be able to a little better include/understand with what it will be useful... but a cave, an overheated room can be enough if you took more than one good bowl of fresh air before entering there... and to have a good bicycle can be very useful! If not, there is the approach of the first Christians who did not deprive themselves besides of going them also to follow the initiatory rites of Eleusis or of Dendérah as long as these spiritual centers could function and were not destroyed by other Christians with the pay of Roman papacy.




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