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The personal and initiatory source

The collective and intellectual source

The human being equipped with an intelligence will seek to give a direction to its life on ground. It will live an evolution tangible, in love, social, spiritual through the personal contact and close friend whom he will have with the mysteries of the life: the development of its body, the disease, death, the need for love and social relations, the violence which is in him and which it will have to control to live in social peace with the others, the meeting with a voting right which speaks in him, the meeting of its spirit with the heart, this piece divine which guides its terrestrial existence.

Each experience will deliver intimate knowledge to him of which some will remain secret in him its life during and others will be discussed with the people which it trusts more or that it likes more. At the end of its terrestrial life, this knowledge, this experience human must be used to him to understand the mystery of its death and to prepare it to reach the eternal life thanks to the power of its heart. The knowledge represents a faith here.

This knowledge can be transmitted of a person to the other by initiation. An initiate will not impose his vision of the mysteries of the human life but will prepare that which seeks initiation for him to advise such or such practice of life which supports the meeting with the mysteries, with the presence which animates its heart and will warn it against the dangers of such a spiritual advance. The aim of initiation is to meet this divine dimension of our heart to cross our condition mortal of human beings, to share one moment in the higher and divine world to return on ground with more alleviated new vision, trustful, loving of our human condition. Initiation by opening to us this vision of the world enriched by the supernatural meeting, makes us resurrect with a new life on ground: nothing will be any more like front, our faith will have completely changed and the initiate will give up violence to follow a logic of the love and fraternity, it will fight against the criminals who do not respect the dignity of each human being: man, woman, child whatever the skin color, the language, the physical aspect, the age, intelligence, beliefs. The initiate will be able to marry the opposites to find a lifestyle common in a group.

The transmission of the human means to reach initiation on this site is described in this passage of the book “D' Éleusis with Dendérah, the prohibited evolution”:

  • E.M.I., experiments of immediate deaths following accidents (or NDE near death experiment), passage by death artistic creation, poetic through the dialog of the heart for the heart and the control of the inspiring source,

  • the mysticism and the training of prayers, of will mantras to place the spirit in one favorable moment of supernatural meeting,

  • the going beyond the limits of the body to reach the ecstasy: the human means most accessible is the ecstasy in love generally reached thanks to the sexual ecstasy which joins together two or several lovers. The going beyond oneself through the sport and the tangible practices.

  • Finally drugs give hallucinations which approach these moments of ecstasy and supernatural meeting without however reaching the communion given by the initiation acquired by the first four means. But as it is easy to consume drug, the facility pushes certain people to abundantly use them without never being able to reach truly experiments enriching and producing by a faith in its reasons to live. This dependence with drug produces exactly the opposite of an initiation: destruction of the life and its reasons to live. 

In antiquity, the two principal centers of initiation of the Mediterranean world were the temple of Dendérah, close to Thèbes, which was the guard of the divine Laws and celestial mathematics and the place of initiation of the Pharaons and the large priests before they reach their liabilities. Scientists were initiated there such as Pythagore. The emperor Auguste accepted the initiation of Dendérah and it made restore the temple, this is why this temple one of is best preserved. The initiate who left this temple, like proof of his initiation, could speak about the Apocalypse: how God who is love can it leave the Earth every 26000 years in theory, rock on his axis to find a new center of gravity and to continue his celestial navigation and thus to cause a flood, a cataclysm able to sweep humanity. This God there isn't it cruel? Jesus at the beginning of his Public Ministry will present his reading of the Apocalypse and Jean, after the death of Jesus will write the Apocalypse which the Church of Rome preserved whereas she is unaware of that of Jesus. The last date of the Apocalypse was preserved in the zodiac of Dendérah whose last copy was transferred from this temple to the museum from Louvre in Paris. During one moment, it was exposed to the ceiling as in Dendérah and lit up to date curling in the crypt of Osiris, behind the vestiges of the ramparts of Louvre going back to Philippe Auguste. Since it changed place.

The second initiatory center was the bay of Éleusis close to Athens. The celebration of the mysteries of Éleusis took again the rites of Dendérah brought by the Greek initiates having been initiated in the Egyptian temple. Plato, among others as all the people educated of the time went to these celebrations. They were prohibited after the Council of Nicée into 320 after J-C by the emperor Constantine become head of the Roman Christian church. As of 200 after J-C, the bishop Irenee, in Lyon, asked the prohibition of the initiatory rites: how to be able to preach the fine words if each one is able, through its initiation, to be made its own spiritual knowledge, its own faith?

Since year 320, this initiatory way, this source of knowing is prohibited by the Christian Church and the pope of Rome. Those which resisted this prohibition perished on the bûchers of the Enquiry but never this source of knowing was not dried up, did not disappear. Among others, the poets worked starting from this source to know.


The human spirit by manual and intellectual work will produce a technical and scientific knowledge. This knowledge is in relation to that drawn from the personal source. The comprehension of the laws of the universe or the mechanism of the human body, of the life on ground, makes it possible to remain with the listening of the natural phenomena and the movements of the universe in order to preserve the life on ground.

Ages and the last and more known of the occident, is the Egyptian civilization, were built on the complementarity of the two sources of knowing. Dendérah preserved the divine Laws and celestial mathematics to prepare humanity with being saved at the time of next great cataclysm, at the time of the next apocalypse when the ground rocks on a new center of gravity.

Since year 320 and the prohibition of the initiatory way in the Occidental culture to ensure the imposition of the dogmas of the church of Rome the people of the occident and the Mediterranean basin then the people colonized by the European countries, the collective source is the only deduction. It has initially to become emancipated religious dogmas adulterated by the Fathers of the Church and the popes. After Galileo, Newton and its law on the universal gravitation will make it possible the modern society to be built on scientific rationalism without more any intervention of the power of the popes. In fact, let us know we it today, it had just rediscovered part of the knowledge preserved on the walls of the temple of Dendérah. Celestial mathematics of this temple taught although the ground one day must rock on a new center of gravity to continue its celestial navigation. Those which spoke about the apocalypse at the time of Jesus knew the universal gravitation, they could use a total knowledge founded on the two sources of knowledge.

This source of knowing collective and this production of knowing manual and intellectual, to arrive to us, with surmounting a fundamental interdict.

The archeologists and historians show day after day that on Earth, beyond 5000 years before J-C, of the people had a knowledge on points quite higher than ours whereas to a few thousands of kilometers from there, people lived the Bronze Age and remained in prehistory.

The explanation is known today for us even if the official and catholic knowledge refuses to admit these facts because they contradict the Bible and bring a knowledge quite higher than that of the Bible.

The prohibited origin and taboo of the collective knowledge

Science and technologies will allow us one day to save the human life when the solar activity breaks the life on ground but this knowledge drawn from the human spirit has true forces only when it is combined with the knowledge and the powers worlds superior and double obtained through the highest initiation, the meeting with the presences of the higher world once crossed the well of light. The legends tell us that spiritual Masters, Celtic druids and well of others intervened in the life of their people to do good and to regulate the conflicts, to punish those which deserved it, while making for example at the Gallic ones fall the sky in the name of people thanks to pouring rain (which had also the virtue to give drinking water then to these people).

Isolated from the initiatory source, the collective knowledge is summarized with a scientific rationalism which generalized with the whole of the fields of knowledge causes consequent conflicts. Applied to the economy and the satisfaction of the individual needs, this knowledge through capitalism or the liberal economy a system of being able organized according to the principle of effectiveness develops. This knowledge and this organization will generate injustices and social misery in part of humanity. The opponents with these injustices will use the knowledge of the initiatory way and will build doctrines containing religious fanaticisms. To oppose a source of knowing to the other does not bring only bloody conflicts and genocides, persecutions. The solution lies in the alliance of the two sources of knowing, their complementarity within a total knowledge. This construction of a total knowledge remains the principal aim of the website of and Pierre, the poet, brings his poetic experience coming from this source of knowing personal. Other Net surfers are invited to contribute to the development of a network working with the construction of this total knowledge removed from the taboos and are prohibited pronounced by the officers of the company which are former for us.

Because it is well this conflict between the sources of knowing, the conflicts to become owner of a knowledge to the service of a power and that the management of this power will impose to the people, it is well the conflict within the collective knowledge to admit or not the genesis of the human history according to the Bible or according to the legends and the discoveries made in South America and Central America, in the ruins of the Egyptian temples, it is well this conflict which poisoned humanity until today. It remains us to point out the principal stages of this conflict, of this history of the property of the wealth within humanity, at least within the Occidental culture.

The assertion of the dogma on the linear evolution of progress pushes rationalism to develop economic dogmas that the management of the liberal system imposes like overriding principles, without possible alternatives: priority of the markets, exclusive right of the private property of the means of production, economic scarcity, the maximization of the personal profits, power to create currency through private commercial banks and power stations, the right to involve in debt the whole of the economic agents to maximize the performances of the high finance.

This scientific progress which should be today at the top of its development leads us in the dead end political and economic and the destruction of nature accelerates the climatic disordered state. The threats against the life on Earth became unbearable for the citizens who understood the disastrous mistakes of the scientific rationalism which refuses to use our first source of knowing.


The initiating way is opposed to the religious system founded on intangible dogmas. It nourishes the spiritual advance human being and the division of this experience can be carried out differently than through a religion which will defend its truth. The religion can be only the division of rites based on the spiritual practice and the division of the lesson which the initiates delivered to us. It must remain spiritual and thus respect individual initiation. When the religion imposes like higher than individual initiations, the lesson of only one initiate, prophet even single Son of God, it becomes a system of being able managing a religious knowledge which can only cause dispute, fanaticism, social disturbances and wars. It is well then the opium of the people to send it to fight in the name of religious leaders become criminal. The Islamic religion respects initiation: a Sufi can give the luck. Buddhism is primarily spiritual and is not a religion. Only the Catholic religion did as many efforts and cover as many crimes and genocides to prohibit the way of initiation.

Today the Occidental culture was built around the collective knowledge, of scientific rationalism, the law of the economic markets. It is not able to understand the knowledge drawn from the individual source and it still remains in the continuation of the corporation of the Roman pope to occult it and reject it. The Occident, humanity will not be able to progress towards the peace and the minimization of violence without restoring a total knowledge founded on the two sources of knowing, without raising the interdicts on the initiating way. By being unaware of the latter, the not initiated Western management allows no matter whom to adulterate the lesson of initiation through religious fanaticism and the development of the sects, leaving humanity in front of the reality of new wars of religion. The Occident is responsible for these wars of religion as long as it is not able to raise the interdicts which it pronounced at his place on this individual source of knowing. It is too easy to religious fanatics to today use technologies resulting from the collective knowledge to destroy the world and to kill. By restoring this source of knowing, religious fanaticism sees its corporation weakened of as much.

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