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patio de la villa Kerylos

A poeta em frente da mentira económica

Como os países ricos ficaram ricos. Porque os países pobres permanecem pobres





two sources of the knowledge the prohibited origin and taboo of the collective knowledge 

a second reading of our history disencumbered of its taboos and prohibited pronounced by the successive leaders of our systems initially royal then republican to hide successes of the organization in network of the time of the cathedrals, organization which had taken again the rules saved of the lapse of memory since the temple of Dendérah in Egypt by the founders of the order Benedictine, order which since year 500 after J-C constitutes the oldest company of the Western world if not the world, thus prolonging a civilization of more than six thousand years. This history rests on the confrontation of the 3 designs of the property: individual, Community, collective with the profit of a country, a nation and its state.

this second reading enables us to release from last the elements carrying future, carrying a new rebirth, one again flourishing time.



the oldest city of the world.

kings capétiens Benedictines the one hundred year old war and Jeanne d' Arc
Christophe Colomb The treaty of Tordesillas




the revolution of 1789

the tariff or death

The case of one sub-contracting automobile in 1993


the novel: "D'Eleusis to Dendérah, the prohibited evolution".


episode 2

the meeting with Laurie in the swingerclub


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